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Acceptance conditions
Types of acceptance goods

Bao Van Express only accepts transportation of the following goods:

  • Documents and goods in accordance with the provisions of law.

  • Electronics products such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, camcorders,  .. household electrical appliances.

  • Household appliances including fabrics, clothes, bags, shoes,  ..

  • Gifts for family and relatives

  • Different types of souvenirs with different sizes

  • Handicraft, fine art articles, tables and chairs, ..

Types of unacceptance goods

The following commodities that ESP declines to accept:

  • Prohibited goods in accordance with Vietnam's laws such as weapons, stimulants,  .. or banned in some cases, regulations from time to time.

  • Prohibited goods in accordance with the laws of the importing country such as depraved cultural products, food that do not ensure hygiene and safety, etc.

  • Illegal goods, without clear origin.

  • Types of clothes, fashion, shoes, ... counterfeit, fake famous brands.

If you intentionally send these items. You will be fully responsible before the law or confiscated goods.

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