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Shipping procedure (3 steps)
Step 1: Receive shipping information.

Provide full personal information & copy of ID card (citizen identity card) of the sender / recipient.
Complete the shipping request form (personal) and the detailed list of shipping goods (businesses).
Based on the information, Bao Van Express creates provisional quotes and quotes for customers

Step 2: Receive goods and declare.

The shipper delivered to the company's warehouse (or the company to pick-up), signed the bill to receive goods with the sender.
The company repackages the goods as required (if necessary).
Notify freight charges (actual) and confirm with Shipper.
Shipper pays freight charges (excluding surcharges, taxes).

Step 3: Delivery

The company conducts customs clearance, international transportation and delivery to the address of the recipient.
If there are errors, failures ... customers complain within 15 days from the date of occurrence of losses or errors.

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